The Pro-ana community has turned anorexia (Ana) into its dogma. They venerate the illness giving meaning to their totalitarian “lifestyle”. It’s a virtual reality where they state commandments, share motivating tricks and exchange hundreds of images of thin models via their blogs. They have created Thinspiration, a visual new language - obsessively consumed to keep on wrestling with the scales day after day. Now, they evolved interacting with their cameras portraying their bony clavicles or flat bellies; or consuming extreme anorexic images, the Pro-ana have made Thinspiration evolve. I re-take their self-portraits, photographing and reinterpreting their images from the screen, resulting the visual response to the bond between obsession and self-destruction; the disappearance of one’s own identity. The project is a personal and introspective journey across the nature of obsessive desire and the limits of auto-destruction, denouncing disease’s new risk factors: social networks and photography. Available to purchase here:


Tolles Titelbild zu einem immer noch hochaktuellen Thema. Die anderen Bilder zeigen (teils sehr erschreckend) die Ausmaße von Magersucht. Bei weitem kein Schönheitsideal, sondern eine Krankheit.


Schreckliche Krankheit die eigentlich schönen Körpern so etwas antut. Verkehrte "Schönheits-Welt"...

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