Lettres du Havre by Editions Non Standard


Lettres du Havre - from Elodie Boyer and Jean Segui, published by Editions Non Standard - plays on the dual meaning of the word "letters": typefaces, signs, logotypes on the one hand, and fictional letters (love letters, letters to relatives, professional letters, administrative letters…) on the other hand, in order to investigate the role of identities in a city, the evolution of brand design and signage, the interactions between social state and graphic signs.

As a result, one hundred imaginary letters are inspired by a selection of one hundred photographs of signs located in Le Havre. The signs are organised in five chapters and analysed accordingly: industry, public service, independent shops, franchise, seaside and temporary signs. The outcome looks like a big picture of Le Havre in 2011-2012 composed by a collection of zooms, both visual and social since the human contemporary issues are all raised in the letters (crisis, election, Europe, eternal family rivalries, love, hate, jealousy, administrative nonsense...). Lettres du Havre can also be seen as two books woven into one.

Lettres du Havre is aimed at all kinds of readers: experts interested in evolution of branding and signage, decision makers willing to understand the impact of signs and the relationship between signage and architecture, graphic designers searching for an alternative collection of signs or interested in book design, people fond of Le Havre city, readers of letters looking for a good laugh and curious about human nature.

Lettres du Havre can be seen as an alternative city guide, an archive on Le Havre and the French society today, an essay on brands in the city and city branding, a collection of endangered signs, a tribute to Le Havre.

Lettres du Havre is made by state of the art book manufacturers using unique techniques (no signatures, 5 different papers, two formats of pages, 10 pages introduction printed in risographie). Lettres du Havre is available in French only.

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Lettres du Havre

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Lettres du Havre von Elodie Boyer and Jean Segui wurde im Verlag Editions Non Standard veröffentlicht ...

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