Dodo Magazine Issue 3. Multi


The new issue of Dodo Magazine "multi" is a celebration of multiplicity. It's inspired by all crazy things with multiple functions, like the drinking helmet, The Roller Shoes, The Swiss Army Knife, the kitchen robot or even people like Inspector Gadget and the one man band. The issue itself is so "Multi" functional for the first ones to pre-order the limited edition of our upcoming magazine, Which doubles up as the ultimate magazine-raincoat.

This issue will THEREFORE contain two posters, a comic and extra activity pages. Some of the articles include: A Guide to Legendary Creatures, a spy manual, how to plant a garden cretaceous, the Winchester Haunted Mansion, how to make a trap, and Nightmares at lunch o'clock. The pages of the issue can THEREFORE tell your fortune, everytime you open it up on a random page. 

The ad-free magazine is made by creatives like: Olaf Breuning, Adam J. Kurtz, Javier Castán, Hudson Christie, Juan Diaz-Faes, Alec Doherty, Daniel Eceolaza Fernando Farfán, George Heaven, Cachete Jack, Kidtofer, Anna Kövecses, Elliot Kruszynski, Zhang Liang, Aitor Saraiba and many others.

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