PERDIZ magazine

PERDIZ is a magazine about people and the things that make them happy.

A compilation of amazing stories from common people. A survival manual without magic formulae. A collection of beautiful things. A publication of social activism with a positive tinge. A collectable object. It’s a game, a story with a happy-ending. And it’s also a virus that, like yawning in the Tube and laughter between friends, is catching. 

Happiness is contagious!

Our glass is always half-full. PERDIZ is fresh, light, and optimistic. It doesn’t tell you what you should do to be happy, not even suggest that you should do something, it just explains what other people do to become satisfied with their own lives.

It proposes paths and answers more than instantaneous solutions. It aims to be inspirational (but also promote tolerance if you don’t particularly like what you read or see). 


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