The Year of Our Discontent



"In 2011, while working on the project „My street“ in Havana, we visited Casa de las Americas – the Cuban government cultural organization. we were very surprised when we saw the „Liberta“ posters exhibition occupying the entire second floor of the building. What an incredible way to ignore the censorship of the government and all its associated institutions controlling the freedom of speech. Totally avoiding the print and electronic media and directly posting in the heart of socialist propaganda. "
– Nagledna in Cuba, 2011

"We‘ve always been interested in the relationship between text and graphics, and how processing affects perception. „The Year of Our Discontent“ presents 12 important political actions that generated a wave of public discontent. We made a series of posters after the protests that took place at Eagles Bridge (Sofia, 2012) and the lack of adequate coverage in our „free media“. Seeing them all together in one place, we try to ignore them as a group of individual grievances and bring them out as organised „noise“. We believe that this visual perception of politically charged materials places a sharp focus on the events from last year. We also shot 12 interviews with people speaking on each poster subject, thus creating a collective memory of what happened."
– Nagledna via The Gaudenz B. Ruf Award




The exhibition illustrates in complete form the projects „Bright Future“ and „The Year of Our Discontent“. It all started in 2011 as a series of workshops, activities, presentations and projections on political topics. We shared through them ideas and comments on our social reality and the ever-changing urban surroundings. But our public was also given platform to express their thoughts. Proven methods of propaganda were used - political typography, posters, movies, clothing and other old advertising techniques, combined with contemporary means, so that the messages could reach more people. This documentary exhibition shows you all these various stages.


pictures from the exhibition:
Sofia Arsenal - Museum For Contemporary Art
Brotfabrik Berlin 

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