PURE WHITE is a short movie by Sven Windszus

You could watch it here:  PURE WHITE


The protagonist is an anatomy model. She awakes in a seemingly perfect world. The fact that she must live as a “damaged" being in such an ideal environment amplifies her pain. She converses with her creator in an attempt to find answers. She becomes increasingly frustrated by her existence as she seeks to become part of this perfect world. She is at the mercy of her chaotic feelings; despair mixes with awe, self-pity with resignation. She considers the removal of her heart to be a last resort. In surrendering herself, she sacrifices everything living within her and becomes one with this supposedly perfect world. CREDITS Filmed & Directed Sven Windszus Voice Jennifer - Julia Caron Face Model Eva Kwade VFX Sven Windszus Sound Design by Florian Tippe Music by Bartosz Dziadosz (Pleq) Song Don’t cry my dear

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