RE PLACE, Sven Windszus


RE PLACE the movie:


 In "REPLACE" we are confronted with a Nature seemingly familiar to us, but only at first glance. Quickly it becomes clear that Nature’s laws have been suspended and strange creatures are inhabiting the Planet. All plants and animals give the impression of pursuing a certain target. Halfway through the film a geometrical shape appears, floating in a clearing like a separate parallel universe.

Inside a human-like being is evolving whose components condense into a star system. We are flying through this galaxy of stars and at the end of this voyage, we perceive the familiar image of our home planet.

As in the film’s opening, a similarly deceptive image of normality is shown - a strange planet appears in view of the Earth.


 Often enough we only see what we expect to see. What would happen if things began to change gradually, over time…or unexpected circumstances led to their replacement?

directed by Sven Windszus

music & sound design by Julian Scherle



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