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I was born 1987 in Munich, Germany. After some boring paths in my working life career I’ve made the best decision to study art. I always had the urge to artistic expressions. And now I’m finally at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich since 2011. I also work and live partially in Berlin. As I try to travel around as much as possible feel free to contact me, wherever you may live.

Actually my main aim is to do photography on the level of contemporary art. But I’m also working for theatre productions, films or doing shootings as commission work for magazines or advertisement.

In my work I mainly try to focus on people. Catching their feelings, their movements, their inner beauty is still very interesting. My photos are often an attempt to reveal how people handling their body, sexuality and social-cultural-identities. Sometimes I mix it up with mythologic symbolism to show the historic genesis of the correlation of sight, gender-construction and photography.

PS: If you like my style, just contact me for every kind of photographic inquiries. Some of my works on here, which are not under contract with magazines or galleries, are available to buy as a print. Don’t hesitate to send me emails or message me via tumblr. I’m looking forward to hear from you!

contact: Florian Tenk,



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