Archive 13


The Chicago Design Archive, teamed up with The Society of Typographic Artist and AIGA-Chicago in hosting Archive13. Archive13 is the 2013 expression of ’nowness‘ and call-for-entries to enter the Chicago Design Archive. This cannon’s holdings dates back to 1869 and includes the work of Chicago greats like Moholy Nagy, Gregory Kepes, Herbert bayer, Container Corporation’s John Massey, Art Paul, and contemporary’s like Rick Valicenti, James Goggin, Alisa Wolfson, Renata Graw, Scott Reinhard and many others. 


Matt Wizinsky (UIC’s Innovation Lab +Studio Junglecat) and Nick Adam (Firebelly Design) partnered in designing the Archive13 communications with the goal to work with the Archive Director Bob Zeni to demonstrate that the Archive has arrived. In their own expression of ’nowness‘ other than print/digital materials they built a custom image-glitching software and a typeface based upon every major alphabetic evolution covering proto-sinaitic, phoenician, greek, et cetera and so forth.


You can see the posters: here

Entries are open to Chicago area designers and are due on Friday, July 19.

Submission Form: archivechicago.com/Arc…onForm.pdf

2013 Site: archivechicago.com

The entire Chicago design archive: http://www.chicagodesignarchive.org/


2013 Archive Judges:

Dana Arnett VSA Partners / Chicago

Marian Bantjes / Vancouver

Jon Forss Non-Format / Minneapolis

Michael Freimuth Franklyn / New York


Kim Knoll Knoed / Chicago


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