This book-design project about the Philippine Islands was created during my lectures in Typography at my university. The origin for my interest in this country goes back to the year of 2010 when I got the chance to work as a social worker in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, for one year. During this time I had the opportunity to take plenty of photographs while I was exploring the country. The pictures I captured during that period were later used for this work.

The first chapter is an introduction of the Philippine Islands and its residents, containing detailed information about filipino culture and history. Another important aspect are the conflicts within this country which is facing corruption and ethical disputes for a long time.

The other chapters deal with the ‚Philippine Cordillera‘ and its native tribes. I myself visited the provinces ‚Kalinga‘, ‚Ifugao‘ and ‚Mountain Province‘ for several times and I am deeply impressed by the untouched nature and its people, that is also the reason why I dedicated most of the pages to those areas.

In conclusion I want to inform about this fascinating country and its citizens and to share the impressions I have made.