Font Sintesi. Sans meets Serif.


The extended font family Sintesi has been presented in detail in Slanted #19. 

Sintesi (SemiSerif), Sintesi SemiSans and Sintesi Sans build together an extended font family. Three hybrid font, which manage the «synthesis» between Sans and Serif in different ways.

Sintesi (SemiSerif) is nearly an old typeface and surprises with a perceptible feather-ductus and traditional forms, Sintesi SemiSans due to the constant stroke is closer to a sans serif and scores with robustness and contemporary style. Sintesi Sans finally is a true sans serif and therefore really flexible and universally applicable.

Font Family Sintesi. Sans meets Serif.

You would like to express tradition by using a contemporary font?

Sintesi might be exactly what you are looking for. Sintesi stands for synthesis – the unification of serif and sans-serif into a contemporary font, which surprises with different facets depending on its application. In copy size Sintesi performs like a sans-serif. It is a compact and well readable font that fulfills all requirements of modern digital media. In larger sizes, Sintesi unfolds its traditional character. Now, its strong contrast and the perceptible feather-ductus stand out clearly, as we appreciate it in a historical old style face. Start combining antiquity with modernity!


Test the trial version of the font family Sintesi for free:

Font Family Sintesi SemiSans. Sans meets Serif.


Are you looking for a robust, contemporary but nonetheless an elegant font?

Sintesi SemiSans builds together with Sintesi (SemiSerif) a megafamily. Both Sintesi SemiSans and Sintesi (SemiSerif) belong to the category of hybrid fonts. Each one manages the synthesis between sans and serif on its own way. While Sintesi SemiSans scores because of its robustness and contemporary style, Sintesi (SemiSerif) surprises with a perceptible feather-ductus and traditional forms. Sintesi SemiSans and Sintesi (SemiSerif) can be combined without any difficulty, due to similar proportions and character.


Test the trial version of the font family Sintesi SemiSans for free:

Font Family Sintesi Sans. Sans meets Serif.

Sintesi Sans builds together with Sintesi (SemiSerif) and Sintesi SemiSans an extended family. However each of the three member of the Sintesi-family accomplish the «synthesis» between Sans and Serif on its own way. Sintesi Sans scores because of its readability, robustness and contemporary style. Its is a true Sans Serif and therefore really flexible, universally applicable especially as a body text font and in a broad number of other applications. Thanks to the good readability and the wide set of styles and glyphs, Sintesi Sans suits to a wide spectrum of applications.

Test the trial version of the font family Sintesi Sans for free:






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