nous magazine one – the insomnia issue


nous magazine is a Manchester based publication for mindculture and visual philosophy.

If you look up the word nous in your dictionairy it will tell you that the nous is necessary for understanding what is true or real. It is the processes working within us – our mind or our soul.

nous is taking its readers on a journey to a land we may never completely understand even though it lies within us. A land we often pay no attention to in our hectic everyday life.

We believe that dealing with our fears and hopes in a creative way and being more conscious of this part of ourselves can not only help prevent and deal with mental health issues but also make living in our society easier.

nous magazine is offering creatives of all fields a platform to present their work addressing the nous but also will make mind culture gain centre stage again. The magazine is published quaterly with changing topics orbiting depression and mental illness. This first issue is dealing with depression’s steady companion – insomnia.

The magazine is entirely crowdfunded and therefore free where found. nous is distributed in public places you feel free and comfortable in – like cafés, bars and creative venues – in Manchester and Mainz. Since July 2013 you can also order the magazine online.

Please follow us on Facebook and keep updated through our daily posts. For more information check out our website or contact us via email. Take care!

Yours truely,