Novecento Carved font family


Novecento Carved is a minimalist and easy-to-use layered font family.
It must be paired with Novecento Sans, used as base layer.
Each glyph of each style of Novecento Carved (around 18.000) was manually reviewed and adjusted after the first interpolation.
Of course Novecento Carved fully covers Novecento Sans glyphs in its 32 styles, including its Opentype features too. As the base layer –Novecento Sans– was created before, you can create layouts where only few words are layered and the rest keeps composing nicely (unlike most of the current layered fonts where the base font is too geometric and visually unbalanced).
You can achieve a bas-relief or engraving effect just making the colour of Novecento Carved darker or brighter then its background.
You can also use Novecento Carved as a mask on patterns and visuals to make your texts more creative.This font is available for licensing in opentype and webfont format, as well as for mobile apps, ebooks and for software embedding.
Pssst: Novecento Carved keeps same vertical metrics as Novecento Sans, even in Photoshop where’s usually a headhake.