Typeface Records


The Typeface Records posters shows some remarkable feats which were achieved by typefaces. The poster shows the distance each of these iconic typefaces has traveled to the earth’s water level, from the Futura on the moon, to the Frutiger deep below the sea. Of course there are many other typefaces that that have achieved similar feats, but I made my selection based on personal preference (New Johnston, Rijksoverheid) and how well known (visually) they are such as the Helvetica and Futura.

The list consists of:

Futura: Apollo lunar lander
Helvetica: Space Shuttle
Bodoni: United Airlines
Cooper Black: Easyjet
Gotham: Washington, US presidential campaign
Garamond: Stena Line ships
Rijksoverheid: Dutch Government
New Johnston: London Underground
Frutiger: Royal Navy Submarines