502 Bad Gateway Issue 2

502 Bad Gateway Issue 2

Volume: 122 pages
Format: 21 × 14,5 cm
Price: 11.00 

In 502 Bad Gateway Issue 2 we do a global survey of creatives and visit Vienna. We have a cup of tea with Nottingham's finest Universal Works and a store visit with Nanamica in Tokyo. A trip to Vienna and trying on sunglasses with District Vision in New York also feature and we go to the studio of automotive artist Benedict Radcliffe. An adventure in the forest is caught on camera with the likes of Heresy and Tender, then we get suuuper close up via a microscope to finish things off.

Global Creative Survey
Benedict Radcliffe
Postcards from Vienna
District Vision
Universal Works
Earthly Pleasures

502 Bad Gateway is a new, UK-based independent menswear and culture magazine that takes a careful and methodical look at some of the best and most interesting established and undiscovered brands and designers from around the globe.


502 Bad Gateway




122 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

21 × 14,5 cm


Full color lithographic printing throughout

502 Bad Gateway Issue 2