Abstract Characters Poster: “r”

Abstract Characters Poster: “r”

Format: 50 × 70 cm
Price: 25.00 

Black and white Abstract Characters Poster with alluring “r” from Faune typeface designed by Alice Savoie. Its graphical form is relaxing and brings relief.

About Abstract Characters Poster series.
We know that font is not a group of beautiful letters but beautiful group of letters, but what will happen when one of the character leave its family and will gain new context? We took up a challenge and tried to answer this question with our posters.

Looking for an interesting font and going carefully through hundreds of glyphs from each of them took a lot of time but it is really worth it. We really like play with letters and each time discovering something new and share it with you. We hope you will interpret our poster on your own and give them another context.



Format in cm (w × h × d)

50 × 70 cm


180g, matte paper




Black & White

Abstract Characters Poster: “r”