Andy Warhol Prints und Screen Tests

Andy Warhol Prints und Screen Tests

Volume: 160 pages
Format: 23,5 x 26
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Unlike almost any other artist, Warhol left an enduring mark on his time and captured its zeitgeist in his art. His various work as a visual artist, filmmaker, magazine editor, and manager of a rock band is testimony to his lifelong fascination with popular mass culture.
A key element of his artistic practice was the silk-screen process that he used for his paintings as well as for his prints. Although, in terms of technique, Warhol did not distinguish between his roles as a painter and as a printmaker, his prints had a different motivation. Whereas he created numerous variations of his paintings differing in size, scale, and design, printmaking allowed him to produce large editions of identical images. To him, it was a truly democratic art form, since it was inexpensive, abundant, and universally accessible.
With its selection of 75 screen prints, this catalog presents a comprehensive overview of Warhol’s silk screens and sheds light on the relevance of his prints in the context of his oeuvre, as well as in comparison with his Screen Tests that feature celebrities with links to Warhol’s Factory.


Verlag Kettler


Ann-Katrin Hahn, Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster


Eva Dalg


160 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

23,5 x 26



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Andy Warhol Prints und Screen Tests