Volume: 88 pages
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A wandering photographic journey through the old and new streets of nocturnal Bangkok.

In 2019 under the auspicious July heat of the Buddhist Holiday, Asalha Puja, I landed in Bangkok on a journey to uncover the hidden nocturnal side of the Thai capital with my new photographic series BANGKOK PHOSPHORS.

I wandered the city, from downtown Bang Rak to the Temple of Dawn, to discover the different faces of the city and the people as they were illuminated by the phosphors of the night.

BANGKOK PHOSPHORS is a photo series exploring the streets and architecture of Bangkok illuminated by night. Bangkok is a city defined by its light & shadows, and like the phosphors of an old television set that are burnt-out and grainy, the city holds onto its soft color and afterglow even after the sun goes down. The people of the night come out and a new world emerges ...

BANGKOK PHOSPHORS was captured over a period of five weeks as I went out every night to discover the changing face of the megacity between the old way of life and modernity.

This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter in September 2019 and there are still some copies available. By purchasing this Photobook you will help support my work and future projects.




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35,5 × 24,1 cm






88 pages