Bitte setzen! – Schriftmuster Band 1 & 2 + Kassette mit 69 Schriftblätter

Volume: 1-sided printed, 60 text sheets, Volume 1: 122 sheets, Volume 2: 101 sheets
Format: Books: 35 × 25 cm, Text sheets: 35 × 50 cm
Price: 700.00 

After more than three years the time had come: possibly one of the last hand-set type samples—is available with 2 volumes and an additional, large-format cassette completely in a limited edition. The Munich School of Design, in cooperation with the Fliegenkopf handset workshop, launched a daring enterprise with the appeal “Bitte setzen!” a font sample book of the approximately 170 different fonts of the workshop was to be created.

What initially began with the students was soon extended to other font lovers. Many spontaneously decided to take part in this extraordinary project and extended the circle of employees far beyond the design school; in the end, nearly 100 young typesetters participated. In the 30 years since the Fliegenkopf handset workshop was founded, many typefaces had accumulated, including unknown and nameless ones. The supervising teachers researched the missing information on the fonts in meticulous research.

For Volume I, texts from the fields of Dadaism and Concrete Poetry as well as old and forgotten words were used. Thus, the type sample book not only presents the writings of the workshop with information on their origins, but has also become an enjoyable read, documenting the literature and vocabulary of the lead typesetting era.

The complete work with all the writings of the workshop consists of the following parts:
Volume I (122 sheets) contains the lead typefaces (89 typefaces).
Volume II (101 sheets) contains the poster fonts (85 fonts), whereby fonts in grades above 12 Cicero were additionally printed on 69 large typefaces (35 × 50 cm) and are available in a cassette.


Fliegenkopf München

Format in cm (w × h × d)

Books: 35 × 25 cm, Text sheets: 35 × 50 cm


60 pieces


1-sided printed, 60 text sheets, Volume 1: 122 sheets, Volume 2: 101 sheets


140g/qm Freelife vellum white, Fedrigoni, Interleaves: 115g/qm Subralin glatt, Peyer


Sandra Jakob, Bindewerk

Creative Direction

Christa Schwarztrauber, Oliver Linke


Heidelberger Tiegel, Original lead letters, Wood types


Back: black fabric, Content with book screws in fixed book cover