Collage by Women

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Collage by Women presents 50 international women artists working in the field of collage today through a rigorous selection of their works. Curated by the Spanish collage artist Rebeka Elizegi, the book gives space to voices from all backgrounds, origins, and artistic expressions, and shows the wide variety of perspectives that are shaping the panorama of collage today, bringing to light a parallel effervescence of female artistic initiatives around the world. From emerging names to more well-known and established ones, the artists featured here are pushing back the boundaries of art. Collage by Women wants to call attention to the experiences and creative processes of artists that should be on our radar through an impressive selection of manual and digital techniques, topics and aesthetic choices, accompanied by texts that provide in-depth approaches to the inspiration, influences and work trajectory of each artist.

Denise Enck from Empty Mirror Books wrote: “Born from the belief that women’s voices are of the utmost relevance in all cultural and social fields, the book will surely contribute to a healthier, more comprehensive, more inclusive understanding of our reality.”

Artists included: ARGENTINA: Carolina Chocron (Buenos Aires). AUSTRALIA: Leea Mckenna (Melbourne), Millie Bartlett (Sydney). BELGIUM: Eva Han (Brussels and South Korea). BRASIL: Mabelle Collage (Sao Paulo). CHILE: Maria Aparicio Puentes (Santiago de Chile). CHINA: Mary A. Johnson (Beijing). EL SALVADOR: Dilcia Giron (El Salvador). FINLAND: Riikka Fransila. FRANCE: Caroline Magnere, Flore Kunst (La Rochelle), Olga Lupi (Betton), Rozenn Le Gall. GERMANY: Olivia Descampe (Berlin); Aline Helmcke (Berlin), Annegret Soltau (Darmstadt), Caro Mantke (Berlin), Claudia Pomowski, Ines Kouidis (Berlin), Isabel Reitemeyer (Berlin), Miriam Tolke (Berlin); GREECE: Eugenia loli. JAPAN: Linden Eller (Maebashi). THE NETHERLANDS: Nicola Kloosterman (Heiloo). NORTHERN IRELAND: Deborah Stevenson (Belfast). POLAND: Ania Cywi_ska (Poznan). PORTUGAL: Nina Fraser (Lisbon); Mairi Timoney (Edinburgh and Portugal). SPAIN: Gemma Anton, Isabel Chiara, Marisa Maestre, Rebeka Elizegi (Barcelona), Susana Blasco. Sweden: Mallin Gabriella Nordin (Stockholm). UK: Anna Bu Kliewer (London), Caterina Rossato (London/Venice), Paola Bazz (Manchester), Josie Beszant (Masham). USA: Angelica Paez, Athena Petra Tasiopoulos (Vermont), Elise Wehle (Apple Valley, CA), Katie Mccann (Berkeley, CA), Johanna Goodman, (New York, NY), Marsha Balian (Oakland, CA), Sarah Eisenlohr (MT), Serrah Russell (Seattle, WA), Sherry Parker (Santa Rosa, CA), Susan Lerner (New York, NY), Vanessa Woods (San Francisco, CA), Viviane Rombaldi (New York, NY).


Blanca Ortiga, Introduction, Rebeka Elizegi


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19,6 × 26,2 cm


224 pages




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