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COZI + KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #12

Release: 2019
Volume: 48 pages
Format: 15 × 15
Price: 9.90 

’Dis time the infamous COZI-Collective threw in the lion’s share in COZI + KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #12. Nevertheless, there are KLEBSTOFF-Friendz on 48 pages – including 24 sticker pages – getting cozy. Again we gathered lots of wonderful international artists. Since the COZI Comic- & Zinefest takes place (same time the Frankfurter Buchmesse takes place), this collabo mag is about to release. That’s why it’s a special delight for us to bring this well-nourished lamb to the market and to let you disembowel the countless stickers. As usual: strictly limited edition. So grab your specimen while it‘s still fresh from the press.

Who’s with us in COZI + KLEBSTOFF Stickermag #12 this time?
Adrian Durrani, Anna Haifisch, Benedikt Luft, Die PARTEI Sachsen, Genia Espinosa, James Turek, Johanna Bieber, Juliane Maria Hoffmann, Karla Paloma, Kentaro Okawa & Kid Gringo (Cover&Backcover), Lina Ehrentraut, Max Baitinger, Michel Esselbrügge, Minho Jung, Mr. Impact, Nadine Kolodziey, Paul D’Orlando & Lukas Weidinger, Riso Club Allstars, Ritak, Sebastian König, Sonja Yakovleva, Stefanie Sargnagel, Wooden Cyclops.

Creative Direction



International Neighborhood Verlag

Format in cm (w × h × d)

15 × 15


48 pages


adhesive vinyl