DERIVE Wanderer ZINE #6

Volume: 24 pages
Format: 14.8 × 21 cm
Price: 14.00 

What is DERIVE Wanderer Magazine?
A (small) indie zine exploring the past and the future of places. The idea for Wanderer was born late at night after an evening photographing the streets of New Taipei City with a few friends. Somehow there was something in the city that drove each of us to photograph it in our own way, to seek out the stories and moments that it contained.

DERIVE Wanderer explores places, past and future, by walking the streets and exploring architecture and artifacts, from the colonial lane houses under the blazing neon skies of Shanghai, to the towering mega-blocks of Hong Kong and further, DERIVE Wanderer seeks to understand the world’s cities as they were and as they might have been.
A long journey into the night and a connection between the memories of places – The sixth edition of DERIVE Wanderer Magazine takes you on a journey through two cities, connected by a highway and a fleeting dream …
Dimensions: A5 size 36 pages, offset printed, full color.
By purchasing this magazine you will help support the DERIVE project.
DERIVE Wanderer ships using airmail from Taiwan and there are sometimes delays outside of our control. Generally, the product should arrive within 2-3 weeks.



Art Direction

Cody Ellingham


Cody Ellingham


24 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

14.8 × 21 cm






300 copies