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Drainting is what Felix Scheinberger calls the intuitive combination of painting and drawing. By doing so, he highlights the age-old today completely unnecessary separation between painting surfaces and drawing lines, and combines the best of both worlds.
As long as you were a child, you used to paint surfaces for the paint box and to draw details or lines to pencils. Intuitive and self-evident. Then you learned the difference between “drawing” and “painting” and that started the difficulties.
Where there are no outlines, it is important to find them in the abstract. This means that you have to grasp everything with the first strokes: proportion and perspective, contrast and texture, the big picture and the details. Because this rarely succeeds, frustration is inevitable.

Painting and drawing become draining!
Paint surfaces, draw lines. In this order. From the approximate to the more specific. From the overall impression to the detail. In each case in the technique that is best suited. Your pictures get better, the desire to make grows, the combination inspires
Whether Urban Sketching, Sketchbook, Comic or Illustration Felix Scheinberger awakens in short chapters with helpful suggestions and valuable practical tips your pleasure in doing. And it will give you a new, easier access to the better picture.
Felix Scheinberger knows what he’s talking about!

Until the Renaissance, people intuitively mixed the techniques. Then came a veritable boom of images, frescoes were created in labor-sharing “assembly line work.” And the separation of steps was born. The sketch as preliminary work, the coloring later. The preliminary drawing with cheap device, the color was expensive. Sometimes, habits stay until one comes and calls the revolution. Then the scales fall from the eyes—and the benefits of the alliance of painting and drawing are clearly obvious. The color surface conjures up light, emotions and density on the sheet. Clarity and details are added to the drawing.
Felix Scheinberger is known for his useful practical tips ...
As a professor, he successfully passes on his knowledge in Münster and tests new techniques such as draining. As an illustrator he is in demand and booked worldwide. As an author Felix Scheinberger is known for his useful practical tips. Everything comes together in his books: his tireless personal drawing and sketching, his intensive teaching experience and the feedback from his worldwide fan base. Drainting does not contain a gray theory, but a lot of colored practice.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt

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21 × 24 cm


160 pages


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