Edition Rio GOLD

Volume: 44 pages
Format: 14.5 × 19 cm
Price: 20.00 

GOLD has always been an attraction to mankind. Whether as currency or asset, jewelry or simply as the material of desire—it evokes associations with wealth and luxury.

To celebrate the new addition to their ink color range, Herr und Frau Rio invited selected illustrators to contribute to the very first Edition Rio. Thirty-eight artists created funny, abstract, cryptic illustrations, which explore the topic from different view points.

Golden Illustrators: Alexander Hauptkorn, Alexis Zurflüh, Benjamin Röder, Casiegraphics, Christian Hundertmark, C100, David Leitner, Fabian Maier-Bode, Felix Flemmer, Flo Sebald, Florian Brugger, Melville, Gabe, Gian Gisiger, Jessica Dettinger, Form of interest, Joseph & Sebastian, Josua Rappl, Jürgen Avokadski, Lars Harmsen, Melville, Ludwig Haslberger, Malin Schoenberg, Martin Fengel, Max Kersting, Max Westphal, Maximilian Heitsch, Moby Digg, Michael “Mixen” Wiethaus, Miriam Frank, Mona Sardari, Moriz Oberberger, Musclebeaver, Noëm Held, Paddy, Rafael Bernardo Dietzel, redfries, Rosa Kammermeier, Sebastian Schwamm, Simon Marchner, Steffi Bauer, Verena Eccardt, Zsuzsanna Ilijin

Art Direction

Herr & Frau Rio



Format in cm (w × h × d)

14.5 × 19 cm


44 pages