Everyday Unite Calendar 2023

Format: 59.4 × 100
Price: 35.00 

The year 2023 is for uniting, and this unicode inspired calendar reminds you on a daily basis. Discover again and again which faithful little character will take you by the hand, guide you from morning until night, and bring a smile to your face.

The high-quality print on cast-coated paper comes in two of three special colors and allows the lighting situation to determine what the poster’s focus is on. Whether artwork or calendar, the 100-cm-long poster offers enough space for 365 unicode-inspired days.
The edition is limited to 150 copies. The poster will be shipped securely in a eco friendly cardboard box.


buero bungalow


buero bungalow

Special colors

Pantone 802 C, Pantone 877 C


coated, ecofriendly



Format in cm (w × h × d)

59.4 × 100


150 (each marked)


Offset printing

48 in stock