Forward Magazine “DigitalEyes”—COLLECTORS PIECE

Forward Magazine “DigitalEyes”—COLLECTORS PIECE

Release: 2020
Volume: 108 pages
Format: 19 × 25 × 1.2
Price: 35.00 

Issue No. 3 of the Forward Magazine of the Forward Festival 2020.

At first, the design team of the magazine chose the shiny cover for DIGITAL EYES, simply because they thought it looked nice. It reminded them of a mirror and they are vain. After all, people’s eyes are glued to mirrors all day. People keep them in their pockets, talk to them, and touch them.
Yet, they no longer wanted to scratch the surface of these black mirrors, they wanted to see what’s underneath, wanted to go the core of new technologies and their use for them.
When they decided on their digital focus for this year’s festival, they did so because it is a topic that cannot be ignored. Just as much as people cannot ignore our senses–the human need to not only see but also hear, touch, smell and taste.
So this year, let’s not be intimidated by emerging technologies but interested in exploring them together. This time, let’s have it all: the digital, the analog, the information, the experience.
Including interviews with Oliviero Toscani, Jessica Walsh, Anton & Irene, Malika Favre, and much more!


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Format in cm (w × h × d)

19 × 25 × 1.2


108 pages





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Forward Magazine “DigitalEyes”—COLLECTORS PIECE