Frei – Selbstständig arbeiten als Designer

Frei – Selbstständig arbeiten als Designer

Release: October 2018
Volume: 336 pages
Format: 16.7 × 24 cm
Price: 40.00 

Practical knowledge for agency founders

Being free—that has always been your dream and now you want to take the step. Then come here your personal coach in book form.

You finally want to be your own boss, your own boss. You have enough ideas and experience and maybe even the first customers. They want space for what they love—and that's never been right, business and taxes. But they also do not want to get into financial or organizational difficulties at some point.

That’s why you rely on the solid experience of a colleague who knows what questions need to be cleared up at this stage and what cliffs you are bypassing. It helps you create structures right from the start that make everyday life easier for you. That gives you security and saves time and nerves.

This colleague is called Nicolas Uphaus: Freelance, he advises designers, writes for design magazines and advises agency founders. Now he packs all his experience including checklists and infographics into a practical, beautiful book. Written by a designer who remembers the foundation well enough—and has taken the hurdles sovereign.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


Design and illustrations: Anna Lindner on a basic concept by Roland Stieger and Matthias Christ


October 2018

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16.7 × 24 cm


336 pages


Embossed semi-linen tape with a kraft paper coating of nutmeg-recycled paper and punched handle register





Frei – Selbstständig arbeiten als Designer