Graphic Design Inspirations

Volume: 700 pages
Format: 32,5 × 31,8 × 7,4 cm
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Graphic Design Inspirations presents over 1,500 works by contemporary graphic designers from around the world: designs for a wide range of projects, products, audiences, media and campaigns. In particular, the concept, communicative strategy, typographic quality, visual innovation and originality in the layout were decisive for the selection.

Striking is the freedom with which young designers override boundaries and the imperatives of functionality: the globalization trends of recent years and the internationalization of markets, the World Wide Web as an omnipresent and always up to date means of communication have not only the order situation, but also the Production conditions changed fundamentally. The Internet also allows for a constant exchange of information about new creations and styles of designers among themselves, so that earlier stylistic differences between continents and countries increasingly dissolve. There may even be “neighborhoods” between Helsinki, Barcelona and New York.

An increasingly rationalized world has apparently inspired graphic designers to create increasingly bold and cheeky creations that oppose everyday life – unconventional in form, color and message, refreshingly funny and cheeky. This new lightness can be seen as a common and very inspirational feature of these designs, while “trends” in style, form, color and statement are otherwise difficult to determine.

Graphic Design Inspirations is the fifth volume in the series of inspirational titles from the daab publishing house. Interior Design Inspirations, an opulent volume on interior design and design, was followed by architecture inspirations, photography inspirations and design inspirations.


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700 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

32,5 × 31,8 × 7,4 cm


English, French, German, Italian, Spanish



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