Kapsel 03 – Die perfekte Diagnose

Kapsel 03 – Die perfekte Diagnose

Release: September 2020
Volume: 72 pages
Format: 29.7 × 19.4 × 0.5 cm
Price: 10.00 

“Kapsel” is dedicated to science fiction from China. Each issue presents a short story that has never before been published in Germany. At the same time, the issue starts a conversation about the future, China and literature.
The story in the third issue is entitled “绝对诊断” (German: “Kapsel 03 – Die perfekte Diagnose”) and was written by Jiang Bo from Shanghai. In it, the computer scientist shows the limits of Big Data and artificial intelligence. Nothing is as it first seems in this short narrative, which was first published in China in 2018.

With contributions by Ken Liu, Chen Qiufan, A Que, Josefine Rieks, Wolfgang M. Schmitt, Tim Holland, and Nathaniel Isaacson. Illustrated by Martha Burger, Malte Euler, Robert Löbel, Jul Quanouai, Katharina Reinsbach, Christoph Köster, and Julius Wagner.


Fruehwerk Verlag



Format in cm (w × h × d)

29.7 × 19.4 × 0.5 cm


72 pages


September 2020



Kapsel 03 – Die perfekte Diagnose