Kapsel 04 – Träume

Kapsel 04 – Träume

Release: February 2021
Volume: 160 pages
Format: 19.4 × 29.7 cm
Price: 20.00 

Kapsel is the name of the magazine for science fiction literature from China. Each issue presents a short story that has never been published in Germany before. At the same time, the issue starts a conversation about the future, China and literature.
In “Kapsel 04 – Träume”, a special issue, new ideas of the future are sought and discussed. How do we want to live? What do people in China and Germany dream of? Baoshu, Anja Kümmel, Tim Holland and Anna Wu have each written their own positive vision of the future.

These are discussed and illustrated by: the authors Hendrik Otremba, Josefine Rieks and Ann Cotten, the researcher Jiang Zhenyu and the artists Ruohan Wang, Julia Krusch, Robert Löbel, Christoph Köster, Haojun Pan and Wang Yuan.


Fruehwerk Verlag


160 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

19.4 × 29.7 cm


Chinese, German


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February 2021

Kapsel 04 – Träume