kiosk magazin 02—play

Release: Autumn 2022
Volume: 165 pages
Format: 19.5 × 25 x 1 cm
Price: 22.00 

kiosk magazin is a monothematic magazine curated by seven friends from Münster and filled with diverse contributions. kiosk is not only a magazine, it is also a place where texts and illustrations, photographs, and fragments, puzzles, and inspirations meet. The design works as a connecting element and helps the contents fit together and form unexpected connections. For the seven designers, it is also about the people and perspectives behind them, who find a meeting place in the kiosk.

The second issue is dedicated to the theme of play and all its different contexts and perspectives. Where are the boundaries between play and reality? What rules do we play by? For humans, play is a place of refuge from everyday life, where we are suspended from the habits and regulations of life. kiosk is intended to open up such a place again on 150 pages, to bring readers back to the analogue, to challenge reading habits, to stimulate shared reading and dialogue.


kiosk magazin


Elena Scherweit, Jana Vogt, Julia Rosenberg, Laura Flethe, Leon Beckmann, Lu Kohnen, Paula Götz


ABC Maxi Round by Dinamo Typefaces, CirrusCumulus by Clara Sambot, DM Mono by Colophon Foundry, Marguerite by Charlotte Rohde, mv_ox by Moritz Voss, Redaction by MCKL Type


Autumn 2022

Format in cm (w × h × d)

19.5 × 25 x 1 cm


165 pages


German, English


KROOG Printservice, Westerkappeln


90 g/m² Circle Offset Premium White

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