Lesbar. Typografie in der Wissensvermittlung

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What if we could learn easily, if all knowledge was available as a film or at least pictures really said more than a thousand words?
But: even today, knowledge transfer cannot do without text. And it is always the typography that ensures the visibility of the content and develops its effect far beyond that. Its importance in the transfer of knowledge cannot be overestimated and yet it is a little-known quantity.
Type - and with it legibility - is perceived by the public. Readability - i.e. the arrangement of text, the connection between content and medium, the clarification of the content through form, the work on and with visual conventions - as a field of activity of typography, on the other hand, is largely unknown.

Their effect, especially the effect of didactic typography, is explained in Readable. Typography in knowledge transfer.
To this end, 25 authors write with interdisciplinary approaches from readability research.
The textbook - rightly so - moves into focus. Reading as a process is finally also being described from the perspective of typographers. Pioneering projects in which typography is used or communicated intensively and to a high standard are reported on.
Last but not least there is a short introduction to the basics.

The compendium explains what exactly leads to good readability. It explores where and how typography can have an effect and how it must be designed to have an effect.
With contributions from: Martin Tiefenthaler, Jürgen Spitzmüller, Miriam Mayrhofer, Ulrike Borinski, Florian Adler, Saskia Kraft, René Spitz, Christina Bugge, Clemens-G. Göller, Sabina Sieghart, Rosalie Heinen, Susanne Heinicke, Silvia Werfel, Rudolf Paulus Gorbach, Michael Schlierbach, Verena Kiesel, Lisa Neuhalfen, Jan Filek, Antonia Cornelius, Björn Schumacher, Albert Jan Pool, Sabine an Huef, Petra Wöhrmann, Roland Stieger.


Rudolf Paulus Gorbach, Ulrike Borinski


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304 pages

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15,7 x 24,1