Limited Tokyo Special Edition / Magazine + Photo Essay + Risograph Booklet

Limited Tokyo Special Edition / Magazine + Photo Essay + Risograph Booklet

Release: May 2018
Volume: 24 pages + 144 pages
Format: 16 × 24 cm
Price: 35.00 

On occasion of Slanted Magazine #31—Tokyo, that has been released in May 2018, a limited special edition has been published which is exclusively available in the Slanted Shop. The edition contains an illustrated booklet that has been printed on a risograph as well as a photo book showcasing different facets of life in Tokyo by seven renowned photographers.

Riso Booklet—Tokyo

In October 2016 the designers of this Riso Booklet spent an intense and exhausting week in Tokyo, were they joined a shared workshop together with students from the Tokyo University of the Arts. This is a visual approach on a city that dazzles with a mighty traditional culture and a yearning for everything new. It is also a reflection on being close and fare away at the same time.

Design: Monique Gebhardt, Ramon Keimig, André Rösler, Magdalena Skala, Kiyoshi Stelzner, Tingting Ying
Volume: 24 pages
Size: 16 × 24 cm
Paper: Holmen TRND
Print: Faculty of Design, Würzburg
Printing Colors: Yellow, Pink, Teal

Photo Book—Tokyo Seven

Seven views from/on Tokyo by seven renowned photographers. From the silent to the wild, the crowded to the loneliness, the straightforwardness to the chaos, the city life to private spheres, the monotony to colorfulness. Tokyo in all its facets, captured in one book.
The issue has been printed on the new breed of Océ Printing Systems, the high-speed Océ ProStream, a web-fed inkjet production print engine developed with the requirements of premium direct mail and high quality print applications in mind. It’s been designed ground up to combine the best technologies in digital and offset printing.

Photographers: Gui Martinez, Mari Kojima, Patrick Tsai, Motoyuki Daifu, Tetsugo Hyakutake, Yuko Amano, Naohiro Utagawa 
Curator and Text: Renna Okubo
Design: Lars Harmsen
Volume: 144 pages
Size: 16 × 24 cm

Slanted Magazin #31—Tokyo

A year ago, the Slanted team dove into Tokyo—with their friends Renna Okubo and Ian Lynam preventing them from drowning—to take an intense look at the contrasting design scene. The Japanese capital is a unique place. With its clean streets, punctual transportation and polite service at every turn, Tokyo is more than just a well-run city. It unites cultural extremes: it is a city where the futuristic meets the traditional and tranquility meets speed.

With the valuable help of Renna and Ian Slanted met some of the most amazing creatives such as &Form, Shin Akiyama, Tatsuya Ariyama, Dainippon Type Organization, Terada Hideji, Hitomi Sago Design Office, Ian Lynam Design, IDEA, KIGI, MATZDA OFFICE / USIWAKAMARU, Nakagaki Design Office, OMOMMA, PULP, Yoshihisa Shirai, TSDO, Yosuke Yamaguchi and woolen. Not only can you find their brilliant works in the new issue, Slanted also provides a deeper look at their opinions and views through video interviews that can be watched online on our video platform for free:
Illustrations, interviews, and essays complement the issue thematically. Slanted #31 comes with contributions by AQ, Bunny Bissoux, DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS, Digiki, direction Q, Jesse Freeman, Sara Gally, heiQuiti Harata, Adrian Hogan, Yuki Kameguchi, Kamimura & Co., Toshiaki Koga, Dermot Mac Cormack, Akinobu Maeda, Gui Martinez, Luis Mendo, MISAKO & ROSEN, Eiko Nagase, Nakano Design Office, Naoko Nakui, Nanook, Taro Nettleton, Toshi Omagari, Louise Rouse, Michael Scaringe, Yoshihisa Shirai, Shotype Design, snöw, so+ba, Kohei Sugiura, Sumner Stone, Fumio Tachibana, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Patrick Tsai, Typecache, Dan Vaughan, Village, Makoto Yamaki, YamanoteYamanote, Ueda Yo, and Jody Zhou.

The booklet “Contemporary Typefaces” is a regular feature of Slanted Magazine presenting an editorial selection of recently published international high-quality typefaces, including FF Attribute (Viktor Nübel / FontFont by Monotype), Berlingske Serif Display (Jonas Hecksher / Playtype), BC Brief (Matyáš Machat / Briefcase Type Foundry), Bruta (Natanael Gama / NDISCOVER), Estampa Script (Sofia Mohr / Latinotype), Fenomen Slab (Rostislav Vaněk, Tomáš Nedoma / Signature Type Foundry), Haggard Nova (Ramiz Guseynov / TipografiaRamis), LFT Iro Sans (Leftloft / TypeTogether), Minérale (Thomas Huot-Marchand / 205TF), Pressio (Max Phillips / Signal Type Foundry), Saol Display (Florian Schick, Lauri Toikka / Schick Toikka), Scrittore (Pedro Leal, Dino dos Santos / DSType), Solide Mirage (Jérémy Landes, Walid Bouchouchi / Velvetyne Type Foundry), Vesterbro (Jérémie Hornus, Ilya Naumoff, Alisa Nowak / Black[Foundry]), A1 Gothic (Morisawa Inc.), Mighty Slab (Ryoichi Tsunekawa / Dharma Type), Minna no Moji Mincho (Naoyuki Takeshita / Iwata), TP Sky (Isao Suzuki / Type Project), Tazugane Gothic (Akira Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Yamada, Ryota Doi / Monotype), Ten Mincho (Ryoko Nishizuka / Adobe Originals) and Tsukushi Q Mincho (Shigenobu Fujita / Fontworks Inc.).

Slanted Magazine #31—Tokyo

Publisher / Design: Slanted Publishers

Release: May 2018

Volume: 256 pages + 48-pages booklet

Format: 16 × 24 cm

Language: English

Printing: Stober


Slanted Publishers


May 2018

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16 × 24 cm


24 pages + 144 pages

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Limited Tokyo Special Edition / Magazine + Photo Essay + Risograph Booklet