Lords of the Earth – The Entwined Destiny of Wildlife and Humanity

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For more than 40 years, Cyril Christo – son of the artist duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude – his wife Marie, and his son Lysander have been traveling among the last indigenous peoples of our time and documenting their relationship with nature. On their visits to far-flung places such as New Guinea, Tibet, Africa, the Amazon River, and the vast expanse of the Arctic, they have witnessed many instances of the spiritual connection between humans and nature.

Lords of the Earth takes its readers on a journey to the world’s oldest continent, the birthplace of Homo sapiens. The three photographers have captured the endangered soul of Africa, threatened by humans and climate change, in a series of striking duotone images. In conjunction with a gripping essay and relevant quotations, the photographs give a fascinating account of Christo’s and Wilkinson’s experiences, encounters, and their belief in the beauty and significance of that ancient continent.

This book is a tribute not only to Africa’s indigenous peoples, but also to the majestic creatures that have lived together with them since time immemorial and that are now threatened with extinction more than ever before. It includes insights into local folklore, rituals, and stories of tribespeople that provide a decidedly African perspective alongside the Western one


Cyril Christo, Lysander Christo, Marie Wilkinson


Cyril Christo, Lysander Christo, Marie Wilkinson


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180 pages