Moriyama at Hamiltons—A collection of new poems

Moriyama at Hamiltons—A collection of new poems

Volume: 32 pages
Format: 21.59 × 12.7
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Moriyama at Hamiltons is the fourth physical poetry collection by Dorrell Merritt.  Composed over the course of ten months, Moriyama at Hamiltons explores what it means to live in the shadow of a global event; inspired by travel, swayed by pessimism, grounded by nostalgia, softened by the imagination, and empowered by a desire to push onward, regardless.
Experimenting further with approaches rooted in the conceptual, building on a life-long affinity with nature and relaying stories of tragedy, desire, and isolation along the way, Moriyama at Hamiltons serves as a chronicling, varied, complex, and wholly authentic.
– Bream bridge
– Untitled summer composition
– Citroën 2CV
– Witch-bone broth
– Four euro kebabs
– Brent Cross muntjac
– Moriyama at Hamiltons
– Godot
– Isle of dogs
– In the shadow of the giants
– Dutch wife
– Burgerflipper
– Satellite song
– Beholding the Necropolis
– Sitting with Goldelse
– Parabellum (Steel tears and blood upon the snow)
– A treatise on apathy
– Love, by La the Darkman
– Celestial tapestries
– Chicken Saltimbocca
– Farewell to Canavan’s
– Diane Keaton
– A terrible, cosmic voice...
– Motherwell to Carlisle


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21.59 × 12.7

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Moriyama at Hamiltons—A collection of new poems