Multitalent Gouache

Multitalent Gouache

Volume: 184 pages
Format: 21 x 24
Price: 35.00 

The only thing that’s really complicated about this technique is the name! Multitalent Gouache is the all-rounder that makes your dreams of painting and drawing come true. Newly discovered and presented by Aljoscha Blau, one of the most renowned illustrators in German-speaking countries.
Diluted, working with gouache is almost like with watercolor. Used as a paste, the paint is applied in opaque layers with a matte surface reminiscent of pastels. Soluble in water, it forgives “mistakes” and allows for corrections and revisions. The fine grain of the pigments makes detailed drawings possible. Gouache dries quickly, is non-toxic and inexpensive.
Multiple international award winner Aljoscha Blau shares his many years of experience in Multitalent Gouache, offers shopping and material recommendations, tips for swift success, suggestions on composition, tools and work steps. And he spices it all up with his own illustrations, which are both an incentive—and a feast for the eyes ...


Eva Finkbeiner


Verlag Hermann Schmidt

Format in cm (w × h × d)

21 x 24


184 pages




thread-stitched hardcover



Multitalent Gouache