nomad 11 — where to go

Release: 12/2021
Volume: 220 pages
Format: 23 × 26 × 1,7 cm
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For issue no 11 nomad found selected protagonists to talk about this next generation of business – whose primary drivers are not power, influence or profit, but who seek to make a positive impact – as well as protagonists who have a strong opinion about how essential the related shift of mind is.

We talked to Carson Chan, MoMA New York, to understand how architecture is redefined.
SHIFT a company founded by brothers Carsten and Samuel Waldeck, that strives to do “as much good as we can and as little harm as possible in the process”.
Prof. Martin R. Stuchtey, co-founder of SYSTEMIQ, accelerating and shaping the transition to circular industrial systems.
Maike Kauffmann and Christoph Bietz from Purpose Foundation, Berlin. Their organization has the declared mission of “rethinking ownership to transform the economy”, seeking to recreate business on a fairer and more sustainable footing by redefining the nature of corporate investment.
Architect Pia Maier Schriever, who is a member of the high-level round table of the EU Commission’s New European Bauhaus initiative gives insights about her personal efforts to forge connections between our cultural heritage and climate protection, and about a new aesthetic understanding and new typologies for the twenty-first century.
Jutta Werner, who was travelling in the Himalayas when she came across the perfect base material for a collection of sustainable rugs: remnants from sweet bag production.
Klaus Peter Radtke’s story tells the global and social aspects of setting up a neem plantation in Mauritania.

And there are many more fascinating articles besides – on lamp manufacturer Midgard, sustainable swimwear label MYMARINI, pioneering thinker Andreas Murkudis, and Günes Seyfarth, founder of a social food initiative.

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Veronika Kinczli und Frank Wagner, gmbh


220 pages

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23 × 26 × 1,7 cm


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