Notes of Berlin. Das Buch.

Release: November 2019
Volume: 176 Seiten
Format: 17 x 17 cm
Price: 18.50 

After the calendar is only available for a short time and regularly sold out, fans of the award-winning cult blog will for the first time be able to enjoy a photo book with the best and funniest note photos from the city! This way we provide our more than 500,000 Instagram, Facebook and Twitter fans and everyone else with the finest paper photos throughout the year!

Since 2010, Joab Nist has been documenting the strangest notes from the streets of Berlin on every day. With up to one million page views per month, his blog is one of the most famous in this country. So far, the community has sent in more than 50,000 found objects and this book presents an exquisite best of them.

Pure urban everyday culture in its purest form.


seltmann+söhne, Kunst- und Fotobuchverlag


November 2019


176 Seiten

Format in cm (w × h × d)

17 x 17 cm