Paperscraper® “Townhouse Soho”

Paperscraper® “Townhouse Soho”

Format: 11 x 7 x 25
Price: 29.80 

The Soho House model is for those who love and miss American big city architecture. The buildings equipped with brick walls, fire escapes, and typical urban stores immediately spread a flair of big city on your desk.
The cuboid is the original shape of many well-known architectural forms. And exactly these skyscrapers—brutalist concrete blocks and now cult prefabricated buildings—are the templates for our notepad blocks! Loosely based on original buildings, the first edition of Paperscraper® presents three models of these typical building forms on a scale of 1:250.


Seltmann Publishers

Art Direction

Stefan Küstner


2000 Notes (non-sticky), glued in a block with a photorealistic color cut

Format in cm (w × h × d)

11 x 7 x 25



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Paperscraper® “Townhouse Soho”