PHOTODARIUM Classic 2021

Release: July 2020
Volume: 380 sheets
Format: 8.8 × 10.7 cm
Price: 29,80 

The photo-tear-off-calendar PHOTODARIUM Classic 2021 is already set to appear for the 9th time and will delight us again every day in 2021 with an instant photo and its own little story. 365 times, the calendar shows the almost intimate snapshots of well-known photographers and newcomers, professionals and individuals.

On the front of each calendar page there is an analogue instant-photo in original size, finished with high-quality lacquer finish creating a true polaroid feeling. On the back is a little text to the emergence of a picture and information about the photographer and the film used.

Therefore the PHOTODARIUM Classic 2021 (formerly POLADARIUM) is a treasure and an eye catcher for desk, window sill, cake buffet, parcel shelf, shop windows, bed stand … and of course the perfect Christmas gift for lovers of analogue photography!

For everyone who wants more: Take a look at the PHOTODARIUM Private 2021


seltmann+söhne, Kunst- und Fotobuchverlag

Creative Direction

Boris Kahl


July 2020


380 sheets

Format in cm (w × h × d)

8.8 × 10.7 cm




365 images, black glued, Collection box, high quality varnished finish