Reportagen Band #45

Release: March 2019
Volume: 128 pages
Format: 16.5 × 23 cm
Price: 15.00 

Reports send the best authors around the globe. For stories that stay.

In this issue:

– Love me or die. Almost every third day in Italy a man kills his partner. A femicide also occurs in the village of Tenno. From Margherita Bettoni.

– Desert train to Basra. Past date palms and dynamite traps: On Iraq's only train to the Persian Gulf. From Theresa Breuer.

– Once more to the sea. A man fulfills the last wishes of people who are about to die. By Alexander Krützfeldt.

– A thousand times around the mountain. Does marching for weeks until the feet bleed lead to enlightenment? In Japan, monks are convinced of this. By Christian Schmidt.

– Man becomes hybrid. Where does the human stop, where does the robot start? Japanese researchers succeed in merging. From Eva Wolfangel

– The historical reportage: Cameroon 1978 by Nigel Barley.


Puntas Reportagen AG


March 2019


128 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

16.5 × 23 cm