Rosmarie Tissi. Graphic Design

Release: March 2019
Volume: 128 pages
Format: 21 × 25 cm
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For the first time, the publication Graphic Design sheds light on Rosmarie Tissi’s prolific oeuvre. Her main scope of activity focused on the creation of cultural posters, amongst others for theatre productions and serenade concerts in Zurich, as well as exhibitions and events. Moreover, during the past sixty years she has also done commercial art, designed banknotes and magazine covers as well as various well known fonts.

→  Grand Prix Design Award 2018
→ First solo monograph about Rosmarie Tissi’s over 60 years of professional experience as a graphic designer
→ One of the few internationally renowned graphic designers of her time

Grande Dame of Graphic Design
Rosmarie Tissi (born 1937 in Thayngen SH) began her  professional training at the Zurich Arts and Crafts School, but changed her mind after a year, deciding to do a four-year vocational training course with graphic designer Siegfried Odermatt, where she worked from 1958 on.

Ten years later, in 1968, she co-founded Odermatt & Tissi (O&T) studio in Zurich as a joint partner of Odermatt. Both of them worked independently on their own assignments. Rosmarie Tissi is thus one of the very few graphic designers of her time to earn a name for herself in graphic design from early on, particularly in the field of poster design. Her works interact with the grid flexibly, imaginatively and playfully; they are vividly coloured and often reveal an illustrative approach. In her autonomously developed style, the concise liaison of form and content is most striking, as the image level does not merely double the text level, but rather augments its expressivity.


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Rosmarie Tissi


March 2019


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21 × 25 cm


128 pages


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