Salon Rouge

Salon Rouge

Volume: 40 pages
Format: 17 × 24 cm
Price: 10.00 

One might consider the Salon Rouge as a small temporary enclave, an eddy of consideration in which the projected & photographically captured persona
comes to the fore…the one between the public face and the mirror gaze, doubtful and self-conscious, but caught in an unguarded moment
while outside the city is locked down in a red alert and the world raves on.
 A classic studio-setup without the intimidating high-tech environment, closing in on that humorous “punktum” that was the original point of departure.
 A suite of portraits taken at Buktapaktop in Brussels as part of a performance-installation “Zut! Mon Humour”

Quotes and fragments by: Roland Barthes, Patrick Morarescu, Johnny Amore, Heinrich Obst (attempted translations)


V.U. Bureau Gruzemayer / Antwerpen


Thomas Gilke


Patrick Morarescu (except page 6, 36/1 © Andrea Huber)

Format in cm (w × h × d)

17 × 24 cm


40 pages



Salon Rouge