Siebdruck zu Hause – Kleinauflagen aus der eigenen Werkstatt

Volume: 160 pages with 240 illustrations
Format: 17 x 23
Price: 32.00 

How the dream of an own atelier comes true! You want to print artistic short runs on many and different materials such as paper, cloth, cork, stone or wood and being independent of time and opening hours? And while the surface coatings or colors are drying you want to spend time on a place where you feel yourself most comfortable? So why not transfer your own home into a studio of screen printing? Siebdruck zu Hause (transl. Silkscreening at Home) shows you how!

Pippa Parragh is a graphic designer and artist. As a master of printing, in two ateliers at Vienna she is helping artists to realize their projects. Furthermore, she is sharing her knowledge in screen printing during workshops or life printings. So you can say she has the keys to printing workshops. However, she built her very own workshop in smaller dimensions at her home. The reason for this happening was that being independent is the Mother of Art.

In Siebdruck zu Hause she shares her knowledge in screen printing and gives you a lead how to built easily and budget-friendly your own printing workshop and how to use it.


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


160 pages with 240 illustrations

Format in cm (w × h × d)

17 x 23




swiss brochure with an open spine and printed in black and silver