Synchron Magazine Issue One

Synchron Magazine Issue One

Release: February 2022
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Mysticism, magic, as well as individual interpretations and abstractions of spirituality and cultural rituals are the binding links between the contributions in this volume.
Synchron is an independent magazine dedicated to showcasing a broad spectrum of niche contemporary art, literature and subcultural practices. Synchron provides its
readers with an opportunity to discover ambitious, emerging artists beyond online platforms; and gives its contributors a versatile option to present their work.

Articles in the Magazine:
Kay Yoon – Taste and Destruction
An intimate Conversation between visual artist Kay Yoon and Jonas M. Mölzer about Korean shamanism, taste, magic and Yukio Mishima. The contribution contains imagery
from a shoot directed by Synchron with the artist focussing on her Fulu work.

Charles Spano – Grim Expectations
A fictional squatter punk ghost story in which the spirit of a teenager from London suburbs exists in liminal spaces across time.

Sal Salandra – Super World, Enjoy Super Sex
This exclusive interview by Harrison Sayed with Thread Artist Sal Salandra took place in the artists wooden Shack in Long Island, NY. It is a heart warming conversation about fetishes, love, nature and religious symbolism accompanied by photografs taken that same day by Emilio Subia.

Jonathan Lyon – Plot Summary for a Biopic of God
A story about a boy who one day turns into a mosquito, and then, through a cycle of unbearable resurrection, discovers he is being prepared for much crueller destiny...

Alicia Gladston – Even Night herself is here
The complex text provides fragmented notes of the background about her metallic arrangement, which explores the theme of hermeticism inspired by the Rosicrucian gardens of Bohemian royals.

Bastian Kussin – The Beatus Manuscripts. A Cult Classic of Doomsday Art
The writer takes a closer look at the medieval Beatus Manuscripts. This group of works contains numerous illustrations based on Beatus of Liébanas Commentary on the
Apocalypse, in which the 8th-century monk warns his contemporaries about the imminent Satanic dangers described in the biblical Book of Revelations. In their unique art style, reflecting the religious and cultural diversity of medieval Spain, the Beatus Manuscripts present a mesmerizing array of colorful beasts, demons, angels and saints fighting out the apocalyptic battle between Good and Evil.

Ringo Lukas – Make-Believe and Mass Possessions
Writer, researcher and artist Ringo Lukas provides an essay exploring the lives of narratives beyond the reach of human interference. As the text drags us deeper into the abyssal lair of unbound, demonic narratives, his drawings and sculptures deliver glimpses of yet another world.

011668, Apex, Áron Lőrincz, Adam Varab, Adrienne Kammerer, Alicia Gladston, Bastian Kussin, Beatus of Liébana, Ben Sang, Calissa Teiniker, Charles Spano, Chiu Laozhi, Claire Barrow, Christian Fjorks Thomsen, Elliot Fry, Emma Dudlyke, Emilio Subia, Eneas Bohatsch, Fitnesss, Gaspard Hers, Gaëlle Botta, Gia Söder, Hooz, Harrison Sayed, Ilana Blumberg, Jean-Baptiste Normand, Johannes Farfsing, Johannes Seluga, Jonas M. Mölzer, Jonathan Lyon, Juraj Cernak, Karl-William Klenk, Kasia Postaremczak, Katya Zhitkovskaya, Kay Yoon, Nassim L'Ghoul, Riccardo D’avola-Corte, Richard Müller, Ringo Lukas, Ruby Gaskell, Sal Salandra, Tony Cox, Ulli, Varias, Vincent Georgios Courtpozanis, Wang Zi Won, Willi Jeschar, William Potrykus, Xavier Dartayre


Dyer Press


February 2022


Lea Kloepel

Creative Direction

Lea Kloepel

Art Direction

Daniel Bornmann, Johannes Farfsing




Swiss brochure with open stitch binding





Synchron Magazine Issue One