THE CURATED LENS—Photographic Inspiration for Creative Professionals

Volume: 240 pages
Format: 21 x 28,5
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The Curated Lens reveals graphic compositions from the real world as they are seen through the cameras of some of the best international photographers. Their trained eyes know how not to miss colors, textures, compositions and shapes that bring inspiration to designers, artists and professional creatives. The stunning photographs contained in this book share, in the wide diversity of their perspectives, the communicative quality, clear vision and strong aesthetic concepts of objects and compositions that we may miss in our daily lives as we rush through our day. With these images, photographers invite us to enter their world and share what they see, hear and feel through their lens. The Curated Lens contains exclusive interviews with these talents in which they share professional tips and the ideas they employ in their photographic practice. This is a gorgeous and inspiring guide book for all readers interested in graphic design, photography and visual communication.

Design 360° is one of the major Asian design magazines. It is dedicated to introducing international advanced design concepts, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes. Also, it covers graphic, industrial, fashion, illustration and digital, design, among many other-related topics. It is an informative source for students in art and design academies, professional designers, and design lovers who take great interest in international design trend. The Magazine has built up a bridge between the design industry in China and that of the rest of the world.

Argentina: Juan Manuel Casir; Belarus: Slava Semeniuta; China: Ying Yin, Chan Dick (Hong Kong); Egypt: Emad Abo ELSaoud; France: Ludwig Favre; Germany: Leopold Fiala, Stephan Zirwes, Tom Hegen; Hungary: Marietta Varga; Indonesia: Andhika Ramadhian; Italy: Gustav Willeit; Japan: Naoyuki Oguma, Yoko Naito; Poland: Erik Witsoe; Slovakia: Evelyn Bencicova; South Korea: Minjin Kang & Mijoo Kim; Spain: Daniel Rueda & Anna Devís, Sergi García Gavaldà; Turkey: İlker Karaman.




Design 360°




240 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

21 x 28,5


stitch bound, Hardcover





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