The Eggplant Collective Stickermag

Release: 2017
Volume: 48 pages
Format: 15 × 15
Price: 9.90 

22 Pictoplasma Academy Alumni go sticking crazy! Caused by an explosion of creativity at the first Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin, “THE EGGPLANT COLLECTIVE STICKERMAG” was born. The various artists unite their love for character design – from eggplants to avocados, cats and creatures, to vampires and zombies. You can find them all in the their first Stickermag.

This issue presents – as usual – works of international artists like: zapatoverde (GTM), Gutless Wonder (UK), Ricardo Munoz (ECU), Six (AUT), Nerderella (NL), Tuuli Juntunen (FIN), Ninna Thorarinsdottir (ISL), Goldmaki (CH), Siv Nordsveen (NOR), Ramiro Amorena (ARG), Protoplanet Studio (GER), Lukas Gülcher (AUS), Pabs (MEX), Captain Lala (AUS), happyfunny (PRI), Tirzaworld (NL), Claymen (IND), Sarah Klan (UK), WaRjul (GER), Luma (ISR), Dunk0Tron (AUS), Memi Mizukami (JPN).
The mag contains about 200 seperate peelable stickers.

Creative Direction

Goldmaki (CH)


International Neighborhood Verlag

Format in cm (w × h × d)

15 × 15


48 pages


adhesive vinyl