The season of home objects

The season of home objects

Volume: 236 pages
Format: 15.6 × 23.4
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“The Season of home objects” book comes from the project Oggetti Socievoli (Sociable Objects).
The project invited people to send photos with a short note of discovered, re-discovered and re-interpreted home objects during the months of the first lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.
Prisca Arosio and Vittoria Rossi are joined by artists, writers, designers, and academics in a social study of home objects in relation to people’s lockdown experiences. The book showcases the participatory project’s photos and texts as well as artisans’ production processes of household objects. It contains compared and inspiring ideas and design concepts to stimulate the next generation of home-made activities. The content of this book aims at creating a common ground where similarities and differences among countries as well as its contexts come together harmoniously.

With essays by: Bianca Stoppani, Bobby Born, Brendan Cormier, Lara Debie, Marco Trussardi, Matilde Vaghi
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Oggetti Socievoli


236 pages

Format in cm (w × h × d)

15.6 × 23.4


English, Italian





The season of home objects