Typodarium 2019

Typodarium 2019

Release: September 2018
Volume: 384 pages in 12 colors, printed on both sides
Format: 8.5 × 12 cm
Price: 19.80 

For some, the Typodarium is “finally, a tear-off calendar that sparks joy,” others use the clever calendar as a lively font book. And those who have loved the calendar for a while appreciate it as typography trend radar. Raban Ruddigkeit and Lars Harmsen deliberately scout the “up-and-coming type stars,” lesser-known talents worldwide. Every year they do it with a different focus.

Multi-colored fonts are eye-catchers and awards, turning your Sundays in 2019 into colorful typography days. The days pass, but your favorite fonts endure. We therefore give the Typodarium a sturdy hinged-lid box to serve as your font file. That’s why you’ll find font designers, font samples and sources on the differently colored back pages of the daily sheets. Because that’s the nicest thing that can happen to the Typodarium: to be able to contribute fresh fonts to your design work!


Verlag Hermann Schmidt


September 2018

Creative Direction

Florian Hauer


384 pages in 12 colors, printed on both sides

Format in cm (w × h × d)

8.5 × 12 cm


Packaged in a sturdy collecting box for archiving the type samples


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Typodarium 2019