Typographic Notebook Collection

Release: June 2013
Volume: 52 pages + 8-page cover
Format: 17 × 23 cm
Price: 19.00 

The Typographic Notebook Collection consists of five different notebooks (a total of 52 different motifs) and offers creative freedom on 52 unprinted pages. The high-quality paper is ideal for notes and sketches. The limited edition is stapled staple, the 8-sided cover was printed completely with special colors. The perfect notebook for every day and to make others happy!


MAGMA Brand Design GmbH


June 2013


52 pages + 8-page cover

Format in cm (w × h × d)

17 × 23 cm


Limited, printed in special colors, stapled


Tauro Offset (Umschlag), 170 g/qm & Munken Rough (Innen), 90 g/qm

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